Hi, I’m Cyndi Chie. With my coauthor, Diana Osborn, I write speculative fiction (urban fantasy with a heavy science influence) under the name Cyana Britt Allen (we are not yet published, but the hope is there). You can find more about us and our writings at www.JustNorthOfReality.net where creative minds rule and run amok.

As a yet unpublished author I have a “day job.” I am a full-time database programmer at SDSU and teach part time for the Computer Science department. Of course I will most likely keep my day job even after we publish. It pays the bills and I work with some amazing people.

I am married with no kids, but I do have one very old cat. I grow roses and herbs (when I remember to water them) and like to cook. It’s a good thing I like to cook since I am Dietarily Challenged.

These are my adventures in eating out, shopping and cooking given my numerous and bizarre food restrictions. I dedicate this blog to everyone out there who has ever had to say “There’s nothing on this menu I can eat.”

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